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Rug Cleaning in Kensington L6

rug cleaning kensingtonFor an outstanding finish with no compromise with results or rug fiber safety. Perfect Rug Cleaning Kensington cleaning company can guarantee comprehensive cleaning services of all rug materials and fibers with special techniques for Persian, Turkish and other exotic rugs on an excellent cleaning prices. You also get:

  • Complete stain extraction
  • Odour removal
  • Organic cleaning
  • Full insurance coverage
  • Anti-allergen treatments
  • Professional rug cleaners Kensington

Give us a call for an appointment with rug cleaners in Kensington at 0151 673 0106 during weekends or even bank holidays and get regular cleaning rates and an almost immediate response from the cleaning team in Kensington L6. Upon availability we can be at your doorstep within an hour of your call, delivering you convenience at reasonable prices.

Rug Cleaning Services in Kensington

The rug cleaners can clean: Persian, Turkish, woven, blended, synthetic and natural fibers, acrylic, sisal, Ottomans, velvet, cotton, silk, Kashmir, satin and a lot more.

Dry rug cleaning in Kensington

It specialises in providing natural fibers with proper cleaning, without risking any water or heat damage to their pigmentation or the strength of the fibers themselves. This means that the technique can be used to clean even the gentlest materials making it an ideal solution to staining and odour accumulation on Persian and other exotic rugs. We take extra care in extracting the compound we use, to further minimize the chance of damage. The dry compound we rely on is a granulated detergent which, when in contact with filth, binds making it heavier and a lot easier for us to extract. There is no drying or waiting required, we simply use a vacuum machine and remove everything, leaving clean results.

Kensington steam rug cleaning

Has a different approach to that of dry cleaning. It uses a water-based solution that we inject into the base of the fibers of your synthetic and woolen rugs, removing stains, dissolving filth and grime, removing it almost instantaneously from the fibers of your rugs. To properly remove everything we use a high powered vacuum machine which not only extracts the dirt and grime inside but also removes 95% of the moisture used during the cleaning. Within 2-3 hours your rugs will be dry, for an expedited process call for our air movers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I hoover the rugs beforehand?

A: Prior cleaning is not required, we come prepared to do that as well.

Q: Are the chemicals you use for rug cleaning safe?

A: Yes, every detergent or degreaser we use is tested for toxicity and pass a natural ingredient examination, meaning they don’t leave traces behind.

Q: How long will my rug dry after the rug cleaning service?

A: Depending on its material and thickness, anywhere between 3-4 hours. We can hasten the process with our air moves.

Book An Appointment With Rug Cleaners From Perfect Cleaning Kensington

Call Perfect Cleaning Kensington by dialing 0151 673 0106 and remember that you can contact us to book an appointment with rug cleaner at any time, during weekends and bank holidays, with 24/7 support. We also have a live chat which you and join right now, and support a booking form located on the booking page, use it for instant booking.