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Curtain Cleaning in Kensington

curtain cleaning kensingtonPerfect Cleaning Kensington cleaning company offers you help for adequate, safe drapery and curtain cleaning with no added curtain cleaning prices or hidden fees. Enjoy the convenience and professional attitude you paid for during weekends and even bank holidays and call for cleaning services 24/7 and get:

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Within a call placed to 0151 673 0106 you get the convenience you deserve. With weekend availability and deposit free booking all week. Get a free, personalized quote now and give the Kensington curtain cleaners a call at any time, also, learn more about booking and upcoming discounts.

Curtain Cleaning Services in Kensington L6

The curtain cleaners work with a wide range of curtain types, like satin, wool velvet, cotton, Kashmir, acrylic, synthetic and natural materials, mixed and blended fabrics.

Dry curtain cleaning Kensington

This treatment allows us to carefully clean even the gentlest of fabrics compositions. Without using water or heat, we are able to fully and safely extract stains, mild discolorations, odors and dust-like materials. This is possible by the usage of a dry compound which we imbed into the fibers of the curtain with a fine brush, it binds to the rubbish particles, making them easier for our vacuum machine to extract. To end the procedure we use a strong vacuum extractor, to remove everything, without leaving a single particle behind. A special attachment allows us to fully remove even the tiniest of particles, giving you an allergen free curtain cleaning.

Steam curtain cleaning

This curtain cleaning method works on synthetic and woolen materials the best, with proper dust and grime removal possible only at high temperatures. Due to the nature of this treatment we are able to extract dirt even vertically meaning the curtain cleaners are not required to take the curtains down to perform a proper cleaning. This reduced wrinkling and allows us to clean a lot quicker. Using a narrow attachment we inject the fibers of the curtain with a high-pressure steam jet, it picks up debris and dirt particles, sticking them to the moisture which is them extracted using a very strong vacuum machine. After a 2-3 hour drying period, your drapes should be completely dry.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Curtain Cleaning

Q: Are you required to take my curtains down?

A: For a more optimal cleaning experience, yes.

Q: 4 hours of drying is too much, can the process be hastened?

A: By using our air movers we can dry curtains twice as fast.

Q: Are there any minimum charges for curtain cleaning services?

A: There is a minimum 47 charge for all treatments.

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