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Carpet Cleaning In Kensington L6

professional carpet cleaning kensingtonA company with strong traditions in carpet cleaning and care Perfect Cleaning Kensington offers you a variety of cleaning services for your home or office. We have a team of fully trained cleaners available to respond even on weekends and bank holidays with no deposit requirements or early payments required.

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Our cleaning company in Kensington, Liverpool is the ultimate choice in professional carpet, curtain, upholstery and rug cleaning with special treatments for even the most exotic materials.

About us Perfect Cleaning Kensington L6

Perfect Cleaning Kensington is a local cleaning company with a dedicated team of professional cleaners. Each one of these cleaners has been certified and trained by Prochem, giving us the ability to truly deliver on our promise without any compromises. Aside from the results we are known for, you get a quality guarantee and a toxin-free carpet and upholstery cleaning each time you call. With strict result enforcement we are even suitable for commercial and corporate cleaning, simply call and learn more.

Kensington Carpet Cleaning

You can order carpet cleaning in Kensington for those types of carpets and rugs: sisal, woolen, blended, acrylic, synthetic and natural, cotton, kashmir, silk and a lot more.

Dry carpet cleaning

This treatment allows the carpet cleaner to remove wet and dry stains without risking damaging the fibers of natural materials like silk. Since this technique does not use any water or heat to clean, we are able to perform deep stain removal quite safely. The carpet cleaning brush and the chosen detergent are used in combination, the detergent is imbedded which helps to draw our the dirt and grime inside. Removing moisture from the stain making it easier for the cleaner to extract everything from the fibers using a powerful hoover. There is no drying required.

Kensington Carpet Steam cleaning

carpet cleaners kensingtonA technique best used on synthetic materials, steam carpet cleaning can easily dissolve and break down old stains from food colouring, nail polish, grease and even paint. This is possible by using a special attachment for our machine which directs the flow of steam through the fibers of the carpet, picking off any particles in its way. Simultaneously we extract all of the filth using a vacuum machine leaving only 5% of the moisture used during the cleaning. Said moisture should dissipate within 3-4 hours.

The team can also easily clean oriental and ordinary rugs, with stain and dirt removal included in the price, all done safely and with no fuss.

Curtain cleaning is a part of our professionally cleaning services in Kensington as well, giving you the choice between steam and dry cleaning for your synthetic or natural drapes.

Upholstery cleaning covers the maintenance and cleaning of a wide range of furniture upholstery, with no restriction on material and fabric types.

Mattress cleaning for full bed pests or stain and odour removal, call and book this treatment, we come prepared with a full arsenal of natural, toxin-free options for your home and business.

Domestic cleaning includes a full cleaning of any chosen part of your home, during a time slot of your choice with a cleaner you are comfortable with.

Commercial cleaning is a specialised service which tends to the cleaning needs of businesses all around Kensington, from cinemas to hotels and casinos.

End of tenancy cleaning is a reliable service which gives you and your landlord a peace of mind, with ideal, clean results. No compromises with results.

Book Carpet Cleaning in Kensington

To get in touch with us call and our dedicated team of customer reps and specialists will be sure to aid you any way they can. We are available for booking all week and weekend with no additional fees for short notice bookings or holiday shackling, all regular prices. If you need commercial cleaning for your business we will make you a special offer for your needs.